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SE Addin - Trying to set the 'Filename' in the FileSaveAsUI event...

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Solution Partner Pioneer

In my Solid Edge addin, I need to set the name of a new part being saved. Not the full path, just the name. In other words, I want MyValue, instead of Part1.


Here is the OnFileSaveAsUI event:


Public Sub OnFileSaveAsUI(ByRef Filename As String, ByRef AppendToTitle As String) Implements SolidEdgeFramework.ISEFileUIEvents.OnFileSaveAsUI

Trying to change the Filename to MyValue, before throwing the NotImplemented exception and then letting SE do the rest, does nothing. Was I being too optimistic that it might be as simple as that?


I have found a messy solution, but it's not going to work everywhere. Like 'Create Part In Place', for example. I'd like to avoid having to create several messy ways to solve the problem.


Is there a quick and simple solution that I might be missing?