SE Properties API not reading SummaryInfo property names


So I have an odd situation here.

I have a function that reads various properties form SE files using the OOTB SE property APIs. On my test bed the function works great, it can read any of the various properties without incident.

Now, the function is being used on a different machine and on that machine, cannot read the Name of any of the properites in the SummaryInfo property set. The summaryinfo properities are there, the API's read them and get values fine, but the name is an empty string. To make things even more strange, all of the other property sets read the property names just fine.

As far as I can tell there is nothing wrong with the problem machine, and there are no errors being thrown to indicate something is up. The function has been run fine on several other machines as well, and there was one other machine that did not read the Summaryinfo prop names.

I can't put my finger on what seems to be interfering with the SE property api's reading the names of the summary info on the machines having the problem, there doesnt seem to be anything set or installed funny on them.

For reference, all of the machines are v20 sp8.

Anyone have any thoughts?



Posted by: Jeremy Bateman
Post date: 8/6/2008 2:40:57 PM


RE: SE Properties API not reading SummaryInfo property names



do all of the machines have the same OS in the same language? I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that Microsoft does not guarantee that the names will always be set, but the correct ID's will always be used...




Posted by: Calum McLellan
Post date: 8/6/2008 10:24:27 PM