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Hello, everibody

First of all, excuses for my english... I'll try to minimize the faults but I expect your comprehension...

I'm a user of SOLID EDGE since V11. I`ve created automatized designs with SE and EXCEL but now I try to use VB.

In general, with the SE PROGRAMMER'S GUIDE, the SDK help and the information in Internet (and specially in this forum) I'm capable to manage and modify my designs. Not in a programmer professional way, but it runs...

Now I'm trying to implement a VB based application for our customers. We mainly produce belt conveyors but in different sizes and complements. My intention would be create the application for my main clients to design themselves the conveyor (it's all parametric) and generate the models. After that, they could send me the information and my time-to-response will reduce.

Is it possible to generate and modify SE elements (assemblies, parts...) without the installation of SE in the support machine? I would like my clients to modify the designs and view the result... Obviously, I don't want to install SE in every machine and I suppose that de FREE VIEWER admits visualisation but not modification.

Maybe this is a silly question, but if you have any idea or suggestion...

Many thanks in advance and, as this is my first post, congratulations for the FORUM, it's very interesting.



Posted by: alfons morral
Post date: 8/2/2008 4:38:08 AM



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Valued Contributor



Hi and welcome to the fourms.

In order to automate the creation of models, I believe you will need full Solid Edge.

For the viewing 3D & 2D Solid Edge files, they can install the free Solid Edge Viewer.  The free viewer uses the same ActiveX controls that you get with full Solid Edge.  SEpartX.ocx is the 3D viewer and SEDraftX.ocx is the 2D viewer.  They can be found and referenced on your machine in "C:\Program Files\Solid Edge VXX\Program".

Good luck and let us know if there is anything else that we can help you with.


Posted by: Jason Newell
Post date: 8/3/2008 7:28:12 PM