SEEC Events

I am trying to capture the SaveAs command when logged in to Teamcenter and with a part open.

Only the SEEC_IsPreCPDEventSupported routine is being called and the value of the boolean it gets passed ByRef is False.

What causes the SEEC_BeforeCPDDisplay event to be not supported?

Or am I reading this value incorrectly?

I cannot find any documentation on the three SEECevents.


Re: SEEC Events

you could try it with the


event instead of the SEEC events. To check whether you are in teamcenter mode, you could use

 bool tcModeEnabled = false;
SolidEdgeTCE.GetTeamCenterMode(out tcModeEnabled);

 I also noticed that not all methods of the SolidEdgeTCE interface work.

Re: SEEC Events

Thanks, I'll try that. Need to kill the command as well but struggling with that too!