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SQL SERVER PROBLEM caused by visual studio?

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi all,

My boss tried to install the standard parts on my computer but got a warning that he cannot connect to is the warning translate from french(did my best) :


"An error link to the server trying to connect to SQL server. The server is absent. Verify that the name is correct and that the SQL server is configured to authorised to distant connections. (provider:Named Pipes Provider, error:40- Impossible to open a connection to SQL server)"


I know that visual studio tends to play around with that. He checked with the other PCs here and I'm the only one using visual studio and the only one that doesn't have anything shown in the SQL Server Configuration Manager under SQL Server Network Manager/Protocol for SQLExpress.

Which usally shows Protocol Name and Status of : Shared Memory, Named Pipes , TCP/IP and VIA.


Anyone know how to fix this?



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Giving SE a chance.