ST6 Copy/Paste - how to do it programmatically ?

I'm writing a program which exchanges the BACKGROUND VIEWS of a drawing with the BACKGROUND VIEWS of another drawing.

Interactively this is a simple delete/copy/paste operation. Trouble is that the PASTE appears

with object glued to the cursor and expects the user to input a Shift/MouseClick in order to

place the incoming object at the position the original had (what I need).

How can I input the Shift/MouseClick PROGRAMMATICALLY ?


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Re: ST6 Copy/Paste - how to do it programmatically ?



I know this has been discussed many times in the past and I think has been answered. Could you please search the forums using keyword "BACKGROUND" and see if any of those posts helps you. If not, we'll try to help.

Jason Newell
Applications Architect

Re: ST6 Copy/Paste - how to do it programmatically ?


Many thanks - I found a solution. Instead of using the modified paste which exists in SE and

is invoked by StartCommand, it uses the Windows Paste - which of course doesn't have any


It still stands that the SE Team should adjust the StartCommand such that it would accept

an optional parameter for that Shift/MouseClick issue...


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