Scaling the Drawing View



   OK here is the problem. I need to scale a view. But when I scale the view the dimensions and annotations do not scale with view. I have set the boolean property "ScaleDimensionANDAnnotations" to true.

   I tried Increasing the text size if the sheet but then, all text overlap each other. I have to scale the view upto 50 times. I need to the maintain the distance between the Dimensions so the they look good.

is there solution for maintaining distance between dimensions so than they don't overlap.

I tried giving track distance also.

Please help........


Posted by: Pritam Dulam
Post date: 11/13/2009 9:17:47 PM


RE: Scaling the Drawing View




the option "ScaleDimensionANDAnnotations" is only for dimensions placed in DrawingViewEdit.





Posted by: JR
Post date: 11/19/2009 1:32:49 AM