Selecting objects in a draft

Hi, i'm  a newbee to the solid edge programing, my question is,

how do I select only all textboxes in a sheet and no other items.

I'm trying to use selectset but I can't get the code right.  I'm tring to update old drawings and am copying from a new template but first I have to select the old stuff and delete it.  I've already figured out how to change the background, but I can't figure out how to select things on my first sheet that has drawing views on it.  I can't use selectset.addall because that deletes everything.


Pls. help




Posted by: Rodney Roe
Post date: 10/27/2011 12:16:53 PM


RE: Selecting objects in a draft

You must loop the Sheets and the Texboxes on the Sheets and add it to selectset or delete Textbox directly.







Posted by: JR
Post date: 11/6/2011 9:53:21 PM