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Selection + visibility

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello all!


Something strange happened to me. I tried to select component in assembly and according to that I did changes in dialog. I found out that I cannot call visibility property of items in dialog otherwise the dialog become frozen. I think taht it is because I am calling executive function from selection callback. When I tried to call it from another place it works. But I have to fill dialog according to selection!

I made simple sample (it is attached).

You can on lines 64 and 113 remove setting of visibility property and it will work.

Or you can uncomment line 134 and comment rest in callback and it will work including setting of visibility but executive function is not in this case called as result of selection. (Example written in VisualStudio 2003).


Is placing of executive function wrong?

Or should I unregister selection callback somehow?

Or should I use some special refresh of dialog? (I tried refresh property on items and also for whole dialog without success)


Thank you for any advise.


Best Regards,




Posted by: Jara Ctverak
Post date: 5/30/2007 2:16:59 AM