Set Sheet Metal Gage



I'm trying to set Gage to Sheet Metal document (not using Excel Gage table)


I have some Sheet Metal document open.

In this document, i have to apply Gage stored in Material.mtl

Just if i go to Material Table, set some material to the sheet metal part (or even do not set material)

and choose one of the gages from combo box (not excel gages file)


the code:

MaterialTable.SetDocumentToGageTableAssociation(SheetMetalDocument, GageNameToSet, GageTable, false, false);


Every time i get E_FAIL error at runtime.

I tried to pass different parameters as GageNameToSet and GageTable

In my case GageNameToSet is "G 1.0 V10" and it's exists in Gages combo box.

The GageTable, actually i don't know what to pass. i tried "materials.mtl", empty string, name of the material, but still E_FAIL.


Please help



Re: Set Sheet Metal Gage


You can set sheet metal gae using the code given below.

Gage table is the name of the table. In this case I have used "Stainless Steel".

You can create a new sheet metal file in SE and try this code.


Imports System.Runtime.InteropServices

Module Module2
    Sub Main()
        Dim objApplication As SolidEdgeFramework.Application = Nothing
        Dim objSMDoc As SolidEdgePart.SheetMetalDocument = Nothing
        Dim myMatTable As SolidEdgeFramework.MatTable = Nothing
        Dim bUseNFFromExcel As Boolean = True
        Dim bAddAssociation As Boolean = True
        Dim strInputGage As String = "16 gage"
        Dim strInutGageTable As String = "Stainless Steel"

            objApplication = Marshal.GetActiveObject("SolidEdge.Application")
            ' Get the material table object from the application
            myMatTable = objApplication.GetMaterialTable()

            objSMDoc = objApplication.ActiveDocument
            If (objSMDoc Is Nothing) Then
                MsgBox("Failed to get Sheet Metal Document object.")
            End If
            Console.WriteLine("Adding 'Document to Gage Table' Association!")
            Call myMatTable.SetDocumentToGageTableAssociation(objSMDoc, strInputGage, strInutGageTable, bUseNFFromExcel, bAddAssociation)

        Catch ex As Exception
        End Try
    End Sub
End Module



Hope this helps.




Re: Set Sheet Metal Gage



Thank you for your advice.


I tried to do as you show in your code.

But this code uses gages from the gages excel file.

In my case, i have to use gages without excel. just like i go to gages tab in material table, don't check "use excel", but just select some gage from the gages dropdown.


I can do workaround , just use gage data (neutral factor,bend radius e.t.c) from my table directly to variables, but usually, if some "manual" ability is present in Solid Edge (select gage not from excel), also there is a way to do it with code (i think so).



Re: Set Sheet Metal Gage

Hi @AddEx,

I could not find any API matching your requirement. Can you plese file an IR for this?.

Please let me know if you need any help on "How to log an IR?".




Re: Set Sheet Metal Gage


For this time i did workaround, but if it can be improved i would like to report IR.
How can i do it?

Re: Set Sheet Metal Gage

Hi AddEx,


Can you provide the workaround which you have used for changing the Gage value only?


Thanks in Advance,