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Set material through PHP(VB) without it being in the mattable

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

So yeah, I basically need to do the thing the title says:we are working on a standard database with a lot of parts, each having their own material of the parts is a bonded seal which has steel and NBR in it.We do not want such a weird uncommon material in our production mattable but we do want to see that the material is "Steel/NBR"

what I was thinking was the same as I always did: open the material table, type the material name and properties in there, do not add it to the library but just apply it to the part.This has worked outside of my standard part system.what I am doing in there is the following:I have a file with materials and their corresponding article numbers.load it into my script, load the file, change the material  and save the part to another fileand then repeat that process 300 times (automated)

I currently have this:$ObjMattable = $se_app->Application->GetMaterialTable;$ObjMattable->ApplyMaterial($objdoc, $keys[$key][$counting]);

in which the variable $keys[$key][$counting] is the material name $objdoc is the activedocument

We do have materials like "Steel" and CrNiMo and that kind of things, but thats of no importance in this matter (except for the fact that I make the part with only steel material and painted faces.

I hope you can help me/us!

Thanks, Bart


Posted by: Bart Kodden
Post date: 2/25/2011 2:31:36 AM