SetDisplayDepths face style

The SetDisplayDepths method of the View object says the style is not implemented.

Seems like that method just creates clipping planes like the View>Set Planes command.

It creates my clipping planes just fine.

Trouble is, it doesn't honor the settings in options.

If after I create the clipping planes I open the options and set the colors, it works.

Looking for a way to have it use the colors defined in the Options initially.

Here is a code snippet that will demonstrate.

            Dim theApp As Object = Marshal.GetActiveObject("SolidEdge.Application")
            Dim theView As Object
            Dim theWindow As Object
            theWindow = theApp.ActiveWindow
            theView = theWindow.View
            theView.SetDisplayDepths(-0.0000001, 10000000)




Re: SetDisplayDepths face style

I haven't had a chance to code any tests but have you looked at the method signature? It has optional parameters for style.


void SetDisplayDepths(Double dFront, Double dBack, [ref Object FrontFaceStyle], [ref Object BackFaceStyle], [ref Object Monument])


Jason Newell
Applications Architect

Re: SetDisplayDepths face style

I did try to pass a valid face style from the current document to both parameters.

The goal is to clip the near screen to the current working plane so you can see the face you are on if it is obscured by other geometry.

This is what I get.