Setting a variable text



I have a typical file, which I copy every time and make changes on it.

In order to tell apart each copy, I want to mark every part with its own marking. This marking needs to be physical - that means a serial number on the metal, which will be cutouted afterwards.


I don't want to do it manually by SolidWorks for each file, and I understand there's no way to edit text sketch through the API.

What other options are possible for this kind of task?


The best way would be - creating a text in SolidEdge - setting it as any variable (I couldn't find such option), and programattically change the variable for every file, in order to change the text. Is that possible?




Re: Setting a variable text

There is no way to do that AFAIK.


You should open an IR to allow the use of property texts inside a Text profile, just like in Callouts.




Julian Guillo
Pixel Sistemas SL

Re: Setting a variable text

I'm sorry, but what's IR?

can I get more details?

Re: Setting a variable text

IR = Incident Report


You can submit an IR via GTAC or your VAR.

Jason Newell
Applications Architect