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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor


I'm trying to hide all sketches, reference planes and coordinate systems in assembly.

Manually, it's right click on 3d window, show\hide all components, and then choose what to show or hide.

There is no direct method on assembly object to do that.

I tried to run recursively on all occurrences and sub-occurrences and set DisplaySketches,DisplayReferencePlanes, and DisplayCoordinateSystems to false. It just does nothing.

When i do this manually, the command runs fast, so i think there must be some command to hide all this components without recursive loop (it takes a lot of time in big assemblies, but doesn't work)


I found [color=#0044bb]Solid_Edge_Application.StartCommand((SolidEdgeCommandConstants)SolidEdgeConstants.AssemblyCommandConstants.AssemblyAssemblyToolsHideAllReferencePlanes);[/color] method. and it works fine, but there is no command constant to hide sketches (a.k.a layouts), and coordinate systems.

I tried to hook some event with Solid Edge Spy, without result...

I also googled all ovet the web to find something about it, but found nothing. Also in all help sources.


So, three questions:

1 - How can I hide all sketches,coordinate systems in whole (big) assembly (no recursively)?

2 - Why setting False to DisplayReferencePlanes,Sketches and CoordinateSystems does nothing?

3 - There is some more methods in SE API, that does nothing (PerformActions in RevManager). Does SolidEdge development team do something with shis? I see no fix many years to this Bugs..




Posted by: Yevgeny Leibman
Post date: 5/26/2013 6:32:05 AM