Sketch Profile Macro

I am looking to create a custom sketch macro. I want to be able to click a plane/ face of part, start a 2D sketch then select a custom profile such as a slot, HSS, angle iron, I beam etc. You would be able to select these profiles just as you would select a square, circle or hexagon. any help would be greatly appreciated! I think a feature like this would benefit the entire community.


Betreff: Sketch Profile Macro

Hi @camero




have You taken a view into the examples within the Custom folder of Solid Edge installation?

I believe there are several examples showing the creation of 2D sketch elements via API

At least the nsidedPolygon example should be there.




Betreff: Sketch Profile Macro

The goal is to be able to do this in the model enviroment. no need for a popup menu, just a button for each custom shape i want to make

Betreff: Sketch Profile Macro

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do you know if it is possible to copy the programming for the retangular function and change the geometry to suit the shapes I want? I have made macros in the past for solidworks but i am new to solid edge so it may be a bit of a challange to start.

Betreff: Sketch Profile Macro

@hawcad has pointed in the correct direction. The polygon macro is the closest to your requirement. With little modifications it can do what you require. Good understanding of Solid Edge macro programming is required. Though the learning curve is not very quick, as with any CAD programming, the task is made easy with so many training resources, few of which are:


Solid Edge programming videos

Solid Edge programming tutorials