Solid Edge ApplicationGlobalConstants

Has anyone tried to use the seApplicationGlobalAsmOpenas constraint to open their assembly models? There is no documentation on what values are supposed to be input for this constraint and what each value means...


Any help is appriciated.



objSEApp.SetGlobalParameter(SolidEdgeFramework.ApplicationGlobalConstants.seApplicationGlobalAsmOpenas, 2);


Re: Solid Edge ApplicationGlobalConstants

Hi jbinford879,

I used the "Spy for Solid Edge" from Jason to look at the Global Parameter (thanx Jason).

Change the dropdown list in the Open Dialog "Assembly open as" and Save as Default, then update the display in the Spy.

Here the result:

Auto-Select = 0

Small = 1

Medium = 2

Large =3

Last saved = 4


Regards JB



VS2015, SE ST10

Re: Solid Edge ApplicationGlobalConstants

Good job! I looked around in Spy but didn't think about trying your approach. Ugh!

Jason Newell
Applications Architect