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Solid Edge Automation via IIS


At present we have an Access database that we use to apply attributes ie doc number, drawing title and some custom properties to an open draft file on the users instance of Solid edge, my manager has asked if we can replace the Access database with a web forms application and sql database, running on IIS and have that apply the attributes in the same way.

 Im not sure but can a web application write attributes from an SQL database to solid edge on a user’s PC.  

We cant have Solid edge running on the server as the server admins wont allow this.


I have seen Jasons vid on Automation and IIS.



Re: Solid Edge Automation via IIS

Solution Partner Phenom Solution Partner Phenom
Solution Partner Phenom

Sounds like a perfect candidate for an addin. You can still have your backend use SQL Server & IIS. The addin would run client side inside the Solid Edge process and connect to the backend system(s), however you define it. The addin could connect directly to the SQL database or could connect to something like ASP.NET Web API running in IIS.


We do something similar at my company but our addin is connecting to a backend SAP system to get data.

Jason Newell
Applications Architect