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Solid Edge Community Addin questions and suggestions


Hello Jason,


first of all thanks for your great work on the addin template!! I just tried it out so that all my addins use the same base, rather than reinventing the wheel all over. I noticed three things:


1. In my addins I implement the BuildMenu method from ISEShortCutMenuEvents to supply some of my commands as a shortcut menu item in the Solid Edge context menu. Apart from manually doing exactly that is there a nice way to support that in your template?


2. For ribbon buttons I provide a 32x32 and a 16x16 image. The smaller image is used in the context menu. If you use small buttons in the ribbon the large image is used in the tooltip. In the xml you can only provide one size so the image is resized which does not look good. Is there any way to provide two button sizes?


3. Do you see in the future any other way to supply the ribbon configuration than with xml? Some of my addins have buttons that are only visible if configured or the license is present. Currently I increment the addin version if something changes and provide a dynamic list for SetAddinInfo(Ex2). This seems easier for me than having a XMLBuilder which dynamically builds the current ribbon configuration. Some kind of fluent configuration would be great Smiley Happy





Re: Solid Edge Community Addin questions and suggestions

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Thanks for the feedback. I finally have time again to circle back and work on the addin stuff that I've done. I will review your feedback & suggestions and get back with you soon.

Jason Newell
Applications Architect