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Solid Edge Explorer View icons.


Dear All Masters

Dear @Tushar sir


Thanks To here for Support 


I have one Question about Solid Edge Icons On Windows Explorer.


Can Solid edge Put Icons Of Moudles Like Part ,assembly,Sheetmetal ,weldment , on Thumbnail So if We have settings on large icon So we can Understand Which File Is this ..


solid edge only showing Solid edge Application icon on thumbnail

I have attached images of it..



13394036_1056173367798355_9108559866149509990_n.jpgicon should be like thisicon should be like this


Thanks All oF You

Vrushank ...


Re: Solid Edge Explorer View icons.


Dear @Vrushank_Patel


This is a tricky question to which I have no immediate answer, but I have seen something of this sort during the ST 9 beta testing. Some one out there still testing ST 9 might check and provide a clue.


For ST 8 and earlier, try tweaking the settings in the Windows Explorer Folder Options dialog.

Currently, it is possible to only have the thumbnails previews or the icons but not thumbnails with icons.




I will investigate more into this.


Keep posting questions and also answers when possible on this forum.

Best wishes,



Re: Solid Edge Explorer View icons.

Dear @Tushar sir.


big thanks for you..


And i will be active in forum...

And waiting ans from st9 beta testers.  





Re: Solid Edge Explorer View icons.


Dear @Vrushank_Patel


Also next time post in the Solid Edge forum.

This is a developer forum meant for posting programming related queries.


The link for Solid Edge forum is:




Re: Solid Edge Explorer View icons.

Sure sir.

Thank you..