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Solid Edge Programming Tutorials - Part 1


Hello everyone of Solid Edge Developer Community,


Based on the material of this community, especially the Samples and the questions asked here, I am developing a tutorial on Youtube of Solid Edge API for beginners using the C # language.


I show below the first 4 video lessons. All without audio, only demonstrating using Visual Studio Community 2015.


Solid Edge Macro Tutorial with C# - 1 - Create a new Part Document 


Solid Edge Macro Tutorial with C# - 2 - Open a document


Solid Edge Macro Tutorial with C# - 3 - Create a Part, Sheet Metal ,Assembly and Draft Document


Solid Edge Macro Tutorial with C# - 4 - Get a Material of a Part Document


I am still creating with very simple examples, to gradually go deeper into ever more complex programs.


Link: Part 2

Link Part 3

Kabir Costa
Industrial Designer

Re: Solid Edge Programming Tutorials with C# on Youtube - For beginners - Part 1


Matt Johnson
Solid Edge Certified Professional (ST7 & ST8)
Solid Edge ST9 (SEEC) - Production
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