Solid Edge Synchronous : Sheet Metal Edit problem

Dear All,


I am working with a client on sheet metal synchronous technology, their we are facing some issue like

i have created a base flange followed with tab flange. On my side flange i have created a cut of 125 degree on 100 mm from top and then created a contour flange followed by few operations like hole, dimple cut out. Now if want to edit that 125 degree to 110 degree, i am not able to do that without deleting it

Sheet metal file is also attached. Please help me in this regards. 



Saksham Hans


Re: Solid Edge Synchronous : Sheet Metal Edit problem

Please ask your question in the Solid Edge Forum of the Solid Edge User Community, as this is a developer forum, which addresses SE customization via API.

You will get better feedback in the other forum.