Solve intersection points for Parts or Assemblies

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Hello, everyone.


I am new to Solid Edge developementMan Frustrated and currently working with an old version (ST4). Now I am facing a problem and have no idea about how to do that. I have to solve the intersection points of a specific line segment with the Parts or Assemblies. 


My models are usually .asm files. My goal is: for a certain line segment (given begin and end points),  I am going to calculate all the intersection points of this line segment and the model. I suppose that the calculation method for Parts and Assemblies may be very different, so I think I have to traverse all Parts inside .asm filesSmiley Mad?


Can someone give me some ideas about this problem? Thank you!


P.S. In ST5 there is a GetRayIntersections function, BUT not in ST4. In ST4, there is a FacesByRay function doing similar, BUT I still cannot get intersection points!


Any help appreciated!


Re: Solve intersection points for Parts or Assemblies

I finally decide to do this by Solid Edge ST5 (with GetRayIntersections function)...