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Spy for Solid Edge (Early access)

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Solution Partner Phenom

This is not my official announcement but rather an offer for you to get a little testing in before I pull the trigger and do the whole social media hubub.


I would imagine most of you have either heard of or used my Solid Edge Spy application that I wrote back in 2005 and had available on my website. It was essentially still at v1 at the end of last year as I hadn't touched it after the initial release. I am happy to announce that it has been completely rewritten from the ground up, renamed to "Spy for Solid Edge", open sourced and and is available for download right now at It is a ClickOnce application so you will be automatically prompted to upgrade if\when I release a new version.


I am currently working on finishing the documentation, producing a YouTube video demonstrating its functionality and publishing a blog post on the Solid Edge Developer Community. You brave souls that dare, have a go and give it a try. If you need to converse with me about the application, please do so on the CodePlex project forums.


Thank you all for your support over the years! I truly hope you enjoy the new Spy and find it as useful as I do ;-)

Jason Newell
Applications Architect