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Spy for Solid Edge - New Features

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I'm working on the next release of Spy for Solid Edge and wanted to remind you all how to propose new features or submit bug reports. On the Spy for Solid Edge CodePlex page, you can click on the Issues Tab to create a new Issue or Feature. This is where I track these things for the project.


One request that I have received and completed is the ability to StartCommand() via the GUI. Below is a screenshot. It is embedded into the Event Monitor tab so that you can watch everything. This feature is cool because it allows you to quickly test a particular command to see what it does.




When I publish the next release, you will (should) be notified the next time you start your local instance. It will prompt you to install the latest version upon startup.


I'm sure you guys have more idea. Here's your chance.

Jason Newell
Solutions Architect