Starting out & VB.NET vs C++


1 - I'm just getting started and read your site to figure out I need VB.NET or C++ Express??  Is 2008 Beta2 ok or should I get the full version of one of them?

2 - I know some VB5, will it be that painful to learn C++??

3 - After building a structure in Frame Design, I want to extract the sketch line endpoints to a text file.  I need to run it in an stress analysis program ( SACS, STAAD or ANSYS)

4 - Jason, I emailed your admin account to see if you have consulting time for hire to tackle this project for me?

Thanks for any help I can get!


Posted by: Sharif Zaman
Post date: 10/4/2007 3:22:06 PM


RE: Starting out & VB.NET vs C++


1 - The VB.NET 2008 beta express may be ok for learning. I really don't know much about it other than it's "Limited". Whatever that means. The VC++ Express will not come with ATL or MFC libraries which you'll need to do COM programming.

2 - Unless you're just really plentiful with programming aptitude, YES.   I'm not trying to discourage you, just being real about it.  You have to be really determined to learn C++.

3 - Would just need to look into it. I don't know right this second.

4 - I replied


Posted by: Jason Newell
Post date: 10/4/2007 9:20:20 PM