Status Update, Solid Edge SDK, PowerToys, Donations, etc.

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Thank you all


Status Update

I haven't been around much so I wanted to give an update to you all and let you know where I've been and what I'm working on.  My 7-5 job has had me really busy as of late on big projects.  I've also had a few health issues that I've been dealing with so I've had to back off working 24/7 like I'm used to.  That has meant that something has had to slip and that has been my involvement with you guys.  For that, I am sorry.  I am still committed to the community and it makes me very happy to see some of you folks stepping up and being very involved with answering questions and solving problems.

Even in my absence, I continue to develop code for Solid Edge.  Recently, I have been deep in x64 development and have a lot to bring back to the community as time permits.  I'm just a programmer like all of you and I struggle almost every day with Solid Edge development tasks.  It can be and is indeed very diffuclt.  The biggest thing that I've learned over the years is that .NET COM Interop sucks.  What's worse is that it's even more difficult on x64 platforms.  Just today I wrote C# code that works beautifully in x86 but fails in x64 for no apparent reason.  So frustrating...

Solid Edge SDK

I've also been working very hard on getting another project with Siemens to work on the Solid Edge SDK.  We got a great jump on getting it updated with the release of ST but there is still much more work to be done.  It's my understanding that the main hangup has been budgets so I keep getting told no.  Just like everything else, we're going to have to really fight for it if we want it.  So if you have any means of communication with Siemens or your VAR's, let them know how important the SDK update project is that you want\demand improvements.  The budgets are determined off of priority so we've got to communicate to them the importance of the SDK.


I have received numerous inquires about additional PowerToys features and such.  As always, I'm more than willing to do what I can.  My problem in this economy is that I have to focus on projects that I can make money on.  That means that PowerToys typically ends up on the back burner.  If you have a vested interest in PowerToys, would like to expedite its growth and are willing to donate, shoot me an email and let's talk.  I've also on occasion sold pieces of the source code so that option is also available.


I don't really have a good way to say thank you to the people who donate other than recognize them in the Donations box on the main page.  I do want to say thank you very much to those who have donated though.  You guys have no idea how much it helps, especially in these times.  It certainly helps justify my time working on providing you guys with examples and tools.

In closing

I appreciate each and every one of you here.  Again, it warms my heart to see the site continue growing even in my absence.


Posted by: Jason Newell
Post date: 7/15/2009 12:56:25 PM


RE: Status Update, Solid Edge SDK, PowerToys, Donations, etc.

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Hi JasonThanks for the update. I’m sorry to hear you are not well- you need to take care of yourself dude and as crazy as it may sound, shift one gear down because work and extra work will always be here. Nobody doubts your commitment to the community and we all would rather be more patient until you have the time.Have a nice summer vacationAlon


Posted by: alon raviv
Post date: 7/15/2009 9:07:04 PM

RE: Status Update, Solid Edge SDK, PowerToys, Donations, etc.

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Your work is great so please keep this site alive.

I hope you're fine soon.




Posted by: Julian Guillo
Post date: 7/21/2009 12:22:33 AM