Surface creation using the API ?



I'm very new to SolidEdge, and hopefully I'm not asking an obvious question, but here it is anyway:


Is there a way to programmatically create NURBS surfaces in  a SolidEdge part using the API ? Up to now, I've relied on an intermediate STEP file to get surface data into SolidEdge, but I would really prefer creating surfaces directly through the API instead of relying on STEP data... Is there an example of that somewhere ? I've looked around quite a bit and could not find anything.


While I'm at it, importing STEP surface data to SolidEdge and "inspecting" the result with some test app I created, I am able to loop through all faces - and the are indeed BSplineSurface instances, but querying on the number of U/V values, I get strange results and varying results from one face to the other  (for example 47 and 62)- I would have expected those to match the number of U/V values in the surface from which the STEP file originates, namely 8 and 8.. Is there an explanation for this ?


Thanks for any comment on this


Jean-Marc Langlois


Re: Surface creation using the API ?

Hi LMLanglois,

There is no direct access to the parasolid create functions. You  can old use the solid edge surface elements, as in the user interface, to add faces.


VS2015, SE ST10