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Synchronous holes


hi forum,


when working with synchronous holes, how can you determine the start and end of the hole? or the axis direction of the hole? i think with order holes you can use the hole.Profile.RefPlane to get that information, but with synchronous holes, Profile is not a valid property.




Re: Synchronous holes

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You may try to iterate through the faces of the synchronous hole and look for the cylindrical face. Then, get its top and bottom edge and query the geometry data of each circle.

The hole depth should be equal to the distance of the two circle centers.

For more complex holes, like counter bore or counter sink, you may need to do this for all cylindrical faces of the hole, not only the first.

Re: Synchronous holes


hi martin - thanks for the tip. i'm specifically trying to figure out how to determine what are the "top" and "bottom" circular edges of a hole. for example, in the face of a partially threaded hole, it is useful to know from which direction the threading starts, i.e. the "top" of the hole.


do you know if we can rely on the ordering of the edges returned for a hole face? i'm just guessing here....