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Team Center Engineering

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Valued Contributor


I'm a programmer for SE using VB and dot net. We've purchased Team Center and are uploading our drawings. I took the TC Customization course using ITK and am trying to relate it to the SE programming I'm use to. Can SE programs in VB or Net run in TC? Are special functions required to call them? Are the two related? Our workflow asks that I create SE drawing types, sizes, with properties and title block data etc in TC so the user can locate the drawing in their folder with the basics alreay done. Can SE programs (batch or other) accomplish this? Are their examples of this?


The Kapper


Posted by: Jim Kap
Post date: 6/12/2009 5:36:26 AM


RE: Team Center Engineering

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor



in the SolidEdge programming help, there is info about TeamCenter automation.


But if I understand what you are asking, should be done with basic TeamCenter and SolidEdge

functionalities, without requiring development.

Do you need to:

1. Get some properties/attributes from existing SolidEdge objects (Drawing in this case)

2. Insert this data in TeamCenter

3. Let the users search data by this attributes?


If this is your need, no development is necessary.


Sure your reseller can help you doing this.




Posted by: Massimo Magris
Post date: 6/12/2009 8:57:08 PM