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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello Jason,

API Examples in this PDF works fine.

May I add a non SolidEdge Item (example a ZIP) from designer with other CAD ( in my case electrical Caddy++ ) .

For Caddy no exists embedded client.


 I use SolidEdge automatization to make EMF for every sheet of DFT files. Next in ERP I add barcode with ERP information onto EMF and use document to check track on positions - phases on production, stores, experdion ...


 I need to add a ZIP with pictures in PLM, and have to add some non SE items and get them next.


Regards Georgi Georgiev.


Posted by: Georgi Georgiev
Post date: 10/10/2011 7:53:38 PM


RE: TeamCenter

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello friends,


Part of code from SE ST4 framework.

I try to import in TC a folder with few .ZIP files ( last 2 lines)


How to check are items adds in TC?



Dim NumberOfDocumentsFoldersToImport As Long

Dim UserName As String

Dim Password As String

Dim Group1 As String

Dim Role As String

Dim DBURL As String

Dim ListOfDocumentsFoldersToImport(0) As Object


UserName = "ageorgieva"

Password = "11"

Group1 = ""

Role = ""

DBURL = "http://server2010:7001/tc"


NumberOfDocumentsFoldersToImport = 1

ListOfDocumentsFoldersToImport(0) = "D:\zip"




Call ObjSEEC.ImportDocumentsToServer(NumberOfDocumentsFoldersToImport,

ListOfDocumentsFoldersToImport, UserName, Password, Group1, Role, DBURL,false,false,true,false,true,true,false,false,"" )



Posted by: Georgi Georgiev
Post date: 10/12/2011 3:46:30 AM