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TextBox Key Point Index Constants

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Valued Contributor


I am trying to get an understanding using the keypoint for setting the leader end point to a textbox label

When using trying to connect the leader to the textbox, since you need the x,y,z value of the textbox object, you need the correct keypoint of the textbox to get the xyz values from. This involves using the method SolidEdgeFrameworkSupport.TextBox.GetKeyPoint ...

Documented as

GetKeyPoint(ByVal Index As Long, x As Double, y As Double, z As Double, KeypointType As SolidEdgeFramework.KeyPointType, HandleType As Long)

where the first argument is documented only as an Index ... index of what?

Through expirementation, a fellow employee has figured out the following integers if used for the index, will position the leader in the corresponding location....

'TextBox Keypoints

            '       7,0________________1,2

            '         |      text in txtbox              |

            '       5,6________________3,4

He was able to identify 2 for each corner but not really any logic to understand why there are two or which ones to use in different scenarios.

I've tried to find some contants in the solid edge api that might represent these corners more logically. The only thing I can find is


However, none of these names seem to correspond to a textbox ...

What is the correct constants list ot to use of the Index argument in GetKeyPoint


Which of the SolidEdgeConstants.KeypointIndexConstants are the correct ones to use for the text box since the names don't seem to correspond.

Thanks for any help understanding this and how to use this and/or if it is documented somewhere.





Posted by: John Pataki
Post date: 2/23/2009 10:41:45 AM


RE: TextBox Key Point Index Constants

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Valued Contributor

Anyone know anything about these keypoint values for a textbox object?



Posted by: John Pataki
Post date: 2/26/2009 8:50:46 AM