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Tip Revision Manager - How to don't break link

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

I used Revision Manager for copy Parts and a Assembly...




Dim revApp As RevisionManager.Application = CreateObject("RevisionManager.Application")

Dim revDoc As RevisionManager.Document = revApp.Open(path)

Dim revLinks As RevisionManager.LinkedDocuments = revDoc.LinkedDocuments

For item_count As Integer = 1 To revLinks.Count

Dim revLink As RevisionManager.Document = revLinks.Item(item_count)

Dim reName As String = revLink.FullName

reName = reName.Replace(path)




revApp.RedefineLinks(SePath, path, , , True)

If openFile.EndsWith(".par") Then

revDoc = revApp.Open(path)


End If



But if the file is Assembly than Occurrences link is broken so I add this code....


revApp.RedefineLinks(path (Before), path (After), files, , True, False)


'path (Before)' is broken link path (I don't know broken link path) with Assembly

'path (After)' is broken link path (Change path) with Assembly

'files' is all files (*.par, *.asm, *.psm, ...)


I used this function files = System.IO.Directory.GetFiles(path)


So I did't broken the link...


I hope many programmer settle the problem to use the function... Smiley Happy


Posted by: gmpark
Post date: 7/3/2013 10:52:03 PM