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Trace curve feature in Solid Edge ST6




I want to know if Solid Edge ST6 has the tool "Trace curve," like Pro/ENGINEER has, beacuse I have to send a project to a teacher of mine and he told me to use this feature. The mechanism I created is the Artobolevsk's mechanism to trace the Diocle's curve (as you can see here, if you have Wolfram CDF Player plugin installed in your computer) and I have to demonstrate the curve while the system is running. I created the whole project using Solid Edge ST6 due to its simple interface.


If, for some reason, SE ST6 doesn't have this feature, I was thinking about changing the files format, in order to open them with ProE. Do you have any objection to this idea? Do you think it will work?


@Edit: I see now it's not the right place to post my question. I'll do it in the right forum!


Thank you for any help you can provide,

Leonardo Monteiro de Carvalho


Re: Trace curve feature in Solid Edge ST6

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Gears Honored Contributor

Hello Leo,


I am not able to see the mechanism since the CDF player is not installed on my machine.

Its a whopping 200 MB download Smiley Surprised


Perhaps you can record the screen and share on

I read the ProE online help about tracing and understood the functionality.


But you have by mistake posted this Q in the correct forum.

With little help using programming, a point in the mechanism can be traced.

I can see, I can do this using a .Net program.



Well, that would be quite some effort.

Let me know if you are interested.


~Tushar Suradkar