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I'm trying to modify a parametric part file in SE and then update a pre-created draft of that file using Revision Manager. However, for some reason, the draft file keeps linking back to the original part file and not the modified part file. Would appreciate if someone could point the mistake i'm making.


Here's the code:


' Function to modify the draft file and update all the links to point

' to the newly created test1.par file

Private Function ModifyDraft() As Boolean


Dim objViews As SolidEdgeDraft.DrawingViews

Dim objView As SolidEdgeDraft.DrawingView

Dim i As Int16




UpdateRelations("C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\BP reference material\Temp\temp.dft", _ "C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\BP reference material\Temp\temp1.par")


DraftDocument = EdgeApplication.Documents.Open(DraftLocation)

objViews = DraftDocument.ActiveSheet.DrawingViews

For i = 1 To objViews.Count

objView = objViews.Item(i)




DraftDocument.SaveAs(SavePath + "temp1.dft")

ModifyDraft = True


Catch ex As Exception

ModifyDraft = False

Throw ex





_modelLinks = Nothing

EdgeApplication = Nothing

objViews = Nothing

objView = Nothing

i = Nothing



EdgeApplication.Visible = True

EdgeApplication.Interactive = True


End Try


End Function



' Function that uses the Revision Manager object to update the links

Public Function UpdateRelations(ByVal dftFileToUpdate As String, _

ByVal ParFileToLinkWith As String) As Boolean


Dim RevMgrDoc As RevisionManager.Document

Dim ObjRevLink As RevisionManager.LinkedDocuments

Dim objRevisionDoc As Object



RevMgrDoc = RevisionMgr.Open(dftFileToUpdate)

ObjRevLink = RevMgrDoc.LinkedDocuments

objRevisionDoc = ObjRevLink(1)



UpdateRelations = True


Catch ex As Exception

UpdateRelations = False

Throw ex



RevMgrDoc = Nothing

ObjRevLink = Nothing

objRevisionDoc = Nothing


End Try


End Function


Posted by: siddharth balaravi
Post date: 12/18/2006 10:22:30 PM