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Updating References wiyj out using Revision Manager API

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor


Hi Jason and Other members,

I have a SolidEdge assembly with two child components modeled in top down approach.The parent sketches drive the child component dimensions.If I rename the parent  and open it, the link between child and parent is broken.i.e., the assembly sketch dimensions no longer drive the child components.I am able to update the link correctly using Revision Manager API using the GetLinkedDocuments() function and SetPath() function on each of the linked documents.

I want to know if same thing is possible using the SolidEdge API without invoking the Revision Manager. I tried  using the Replace() function on each OccurrencePtr, which doesnot work.

My project involves using the SolidEdge API while working with SolidEdge application synchronously. I have to invoke the Revsion Manager seperately in order to solve this. My doubt is how far can I rely on Revision Manager application?Is there are any other alternative(i.,e with out invoking any extra applcations other than SolidEdge modeler)?


Posted by: Shafi Shaik
Post date: 9/6/2009 7:09:40 PM