Using .Net to create files in SQL

Hello all,


I've written a VB6 program that accomplishes the following:


I take a text file output from our MRP system with lines such as:


0 * B190165006 00 * 00 * CLUTCH,WIRE CARRIER,225-II BRAIDER * *

1 * 00048159 00 * 03 * FITTING,OIL HOLE COVER * 1 *

1 * 00050793 00 * 00 * SPRING,COMP .03WIRE DIA .18OD .69LG * 1 *

1 * 00104292 00 * 00 * PIN,DOWEL .187 X 5/8 * 1 *

1 * 00104492 00 * 00 * PIN,DOWEL .187 X 5/8 * 2 *

0 * B190291001 00 * 04 * ROLLER,POLY,SHUTTLE,225-II BRAIDER * *

1 * 00904146 00 * 00 * BRG,NEEDLE .50ID .69OD .63LG * 1 *

1 * B102011004 00 * 04 * ROLLER,TRACK "SELL B1-90291-1" * 1 *


I import these files into an Access database table. The fields represent:


BOM Level Part Number Revision Description Quantity


The asterisks are delimiters.


Once I have my Access table populated, I run my VB6 program. The first create a background instance of SE.


Now I open my RecordSet and iterate through. By seeing Level 0, I know to create a new Assembly. By using the next fields, I know the Part Number, Revision Level, Description and quantity. I use these fields to create a "shell" assembly in SE. This "shell" assembly is exactly as our MRP system. Once I come upon another BOM Level 0, I save all current documents and then create a new assembly and go on from there. In some cases, I may have created an Assembly as a Child componenet of another assembly. In this case, I open the existing assembly. If it is already populated with Childrem I go on, etc.


My question is this: Is this possible to do this same functionality directly with .Net and/or SharePoint/SQL? As you can imagine, the VB6 program works flawlessly, but it takes a considerable amount of time, bandwith, etc.


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- Bill Ledbetter


Posted by: Bill Ledbetter
Post date: 3/28/2006 9:54:32 AM


RE: Using .Net to create files in SQL



If you can do it in VB6, you can do it better in VB.NET. That's a biased opinion but it's how I feel.


Question: Is the file formation from your MRP set in stone?


Here's what I'd do in .NET:

- Generate an XML document from your MRP input.

- Use ADO.NET to read the XML document as a DataSet. *Bet you can't do that with VB6 ;-)

- Simply recode your VB6 SE functionality in VB.NET.


I would totally take Access out of the picture. With .NET, you can do everything in memory w/o a physical db. Much faster. I don't see where Insight / SQL would help in this situation.


BTW, if you're thinking about learning VB.NET, you should consider attending PLM World this year. I'll be presenting a full day of Solid Edge .NET programming.




Posted by: Jason Newell
Post date: 3/28/2006 10:03:28 AM

RE: Using .Net to create files in SQL



Thanks for the reply. My real question I guess is:


Is this possible just by create records in the SQL table without starting an instance of Solid Edge?


I'm thinking it isn't.






Posted by: Bill Ledbetter
Post date: 3/29/2006 12:23:14 AM

RE: Using .Net to create files in SQL

You can store the data in SQL but you obviously can't create your skeleton assemblies without having Solid Edge running.


Posted by: Jason Newell
Post date: 3/29/2006 6:22:25 AM