VB - Switching between node locked and floating



I'm very new to the SE and VB world. I need the kind advice from Jason (or members) to facilitate the following:

While we have many SE Version 18 node-locked (traditional) licenses, we have ONE SE with Sychronous Technology (V100) floating license. I was told though we can have multiple SE versions, we CANNOT mix-match node locked licenses with floating licenses within the same desktop. However, was told this could be done though VB script to switch bwetween node locked and floating licenses without the trouble of reset for each any every computer if required.

Appreciate if any help or advice to this urgent (periodic) switching licenses scenario.

Thank you and very well wishes to jason and all menbers.




Posted by: Chad Loke
Post date: 4/20/2009 6:33:55 AM


RE: VB - Switching between node locked and floating


Hi Chad;

1. about have multiple SE version in the same desktop PC, during the installation of SE ST didn't pop up a window saying that an instance of SE has already been installed in the PC and you have to unninstall it in order to proced with the ST installation?

2. And You can do the switching license with the licensing applications that comes with SE(Start-->Solid Edge-->Licensing), what I sometimes do is switch from SE ST classic to SE free drafting with the license utillity and select between the two license. But make sure you close SE before the switch and you don't have to restart the PC. (for the floating llicense you have to use the license borrowing utility.)




Posted by: Diego Moreno
Post date: 5/2/2009 8:38:22 AM