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VBA, Revision Manager and Insight

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

I have successfully used Solid Edge to save a list of draft files on an Excel spreadsheet as PDF. I also have non-SolidEdge files in the vault that I would like to copy out as unmanaged. I am trying to use the ExportDocumentsFromServer method of the RevisionManager.Insight object. Since I am new to this, I need some guidance on how to connect to Revision Manager. I am running ST3, Windows 7 and Excel 2010, and using VBA. One other issue is that I am able to see the library as expected in the object browser, but when I start typing in the code, it's as if I am using another library, because the list of methods coming up after I type "." is very different! What am I doing wrong? Am I getting tripped up by ActiveX vs COM vs .NET?


Edit #1: Successfully built a quick VB.NET application to move the files. All I need is a little help on how to connect to Insight when in Excel using VBA. Once I get past that, I should be able to take it from there.


Code snippet:


Dim objApplication As RevisionManager.Application

Dim objInsight As RevisionManager.Insight

Dim aListOfDocumentsToExport(1) As Object

Dim ExportToLocation As String

Dim SetDocToReadOnly As Boolean

Dim OverWriteOption As Boolean



' Start Revision Manager.

objApplication = New RevisionManager.Application '<- how to do this in VBA?


' Get reference to Insight object.

objInsight = objApplication.Insight


aListOfDocumentsToExport(0) = "http://solidvm/Engineering/PreReleased/PreReleasedDocLib/Summit.par"

aListOfDocumentsToExport(1) = "http://solidvm/Engineering/PreReleased/PreReleasedDocLib/CDPlayer/CDPlayer.asm"

ExportToLocation = "D:\Temp\ExportFromInsight"

SetDocToReadOnly = True

OverWriteOption = RevisionManager.OverWriteFilesOption.NoToAll


objInsight.ExportDocumentsFromServer(1, aListOfDocumentsToExport, ExportToLocation, SetDocToReadOnly, OverWriteOption)


Thanks for any help you can offer!


Posted by: Theodore Langevin
Post date: 6/6/2012 4:45:49 PM