Visual basic and free Solid-Edge 2d


I try to modify Custom Property using Excel and Visual Basic.

My customer his using a free 2d Solid-Egde.

First I check for SE to be running



On Error Resume Next Set objApp = GetObject(, "SolidEdge.Application")

If Err Then

MsgBox "Solid Edge must be running"

Else ....


Here no problem Solid-Edge is running OK.

 but when I try to modify custum property whit the code


checked_date = Left(DateTime.Now, 10)

' Connect to Solid Edge Set IApp = GetObject(, "SolidEdge.Application") '***************************************************************************

'Access the CustomInformation properties collection

Set objInfoPropSet = objProp("Custom")


Set objProperty = objInfoPropSet("_checked_date")

If Err Then Set Prop = objInfoPropSet.Add("_checked_date", "checked_date")

End If

Set objProperty = objInfoPropSet("_checked_date") 'Adjust the value

objProperty.Value = checked_date


nothing appens in the dft.


Works fine using Solid-Edge fondation


Any idea


Thank, merci





Re: Visual basic and free Solid-Edge 2d

I'm not sure if it is still this way but I recall in the past that the API was not made available in the free edition. Can anyone confirm?

Jason Newell
Applications Architect

Re: Visual basic and free Solid-Edge 2d

You are rigth. To bad. Thank

Re: Visual basic and free Solid-Edge 2d

This is a real shame - we have a guy who does wiring diagrams etc that are often just conversions from other systems (Microstation, AutoCad) and the free 2D version would be ideal. Unfortunately he can't use any of the macro's that we have for placing drawing borders etc.

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Re: Visual basic and free Solid-Edge 2d

Did you install Solid Edge from the DVD or from the free 2D download link.


I have customers that use macro with the free 2D version, they just install SE with the DVD and use the Free 2D licence file.

Romuald BERTIN