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accessing "among" what's on screen in a BOM macro...


Hi everyone here!

I'm new in developing in Solidedge. First of all, I'd like to apologize for my english and the translation of functions in SE. I'm french and I work with SE ST6 for the Air Army with twelve collegues. We also use a Computer Assisted Production Manager Software (GPAO?) called Clipper from Clip Industries.

In order to create a technical folder in Clipper we can extract datas from SE using Tools--> "Rapport" (Report?)or Bill Of Material in Assembly environment. So we use the choice among "all shown pieces". Then we copy the result and paste in a specific xls file where a macro converts, reorders, and formalize the syntax and save a csv file which is used to generate a tree for the Clipper technical folder with all the ranks in right order. the point is that we'd like to go further and make the SE actions more easy for users so that when their project is ready, they hide the environment parts and everything they don't need in Clipper tree and then click on a button in SE which launch a macro to copy a "BOM" of what's on screen to the specific xls file. This to avoid users false manipulations.

I've digging on some websites and found Jason Newell's API demos and try the BOM API but I'd like to specify the "all shown pieces" and I can't find anything of that possibility, even in the event monitor in SpyforSolidedge...So if someone can guide me to some direction to look, I'll be very thankfull.


maybe in this code area of the interopProxy:  ???



            // Loop through the Occurrences.
            foreach (SolidEdgeAssembly.Occurrence occurrence in assemblyDocument.Occurrences)
                // Filter out certain occurrences.
                if (!occurrence.IncludeInBom) { continue; }
                if (occurrence.IsPatternItem) { continue; }
                if (occurrence.OccurrenceDocument == null) { continue; }


Sorry again for my english...



Re: accessing "among" what's on screen in a BOM macro...

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isn't occurrence.Visible the property you are searching for?


Kind regards,
Wolfgang Kunert -