add new background sheet


How do I add a new background sheet?  I have tried various versions of:

Call Sheet.Add(Name:="BackGround-New", SectionName:=ActiveDocument.Sections("Background"))

 But I always get the runtime error message ‘object required’.


Posted by: Jon Zaerr
Post date: 4/15/2008 9:00:38 AM


RE: add new background sheet

Option ExplicitSub CreateSheet() Dim objApplication As SolidEdgeFramework.Application Dim objDocuments As SolidEdgeFramework.Documents Dim objDraft As SolidEdgeDraft.DraftDocument Dim objSheets As SolidEdgeDraft.Sheets Dim objSheet As SolidEdgeDraft.Sheet Set objApplication = GetObject(, "SolidEdge.application") Set objDocuments = objApplication.Documents Set objDraft = objDocuments.Add("SolidEdge.DraftDocument") Set objSheets = objDraft.Sheets Set objSheet = objSheets.AddSheet() Set objSheet = Nothing Set objSheets = Nothing Set objDraft = Nothing Set objDocuments = Nothing Set objApplication = NothingEnd Sub


Posted by: Jason Newell
Post date: 4/16/2008 7:50:55 PM