adding textbox borders to textbox in draft env


I am working a project to build a tree structure in SE draft environment using VBA in excel.  I know how to add the text but I need to place a border (box, rectangle, square shape) around the text. I have looked at the VBA object browser but not sure if I am using the class methods correctly - unable to add borders.

Thanks for any help


Posted by: Terry Lamb
Post date: 1/26/2010 11:37:09 AM


RE: adding textbox borders to textbox in draft env

If you place the text as a TextBox, you can use:

Dim objTxts As SolidEdgeFrameworkSupport.TextBoxes

Dim objtxt As SolidEdgeFrameworkSupport.TextBox


Set objtxt = objTxts.Add(0, 0, 0)

objtxt.Text = "Your text"

objtxt.BorderType = igTextBorderRectangle

objtxt.BorderOffset = 0.001





Posted by: JR
Post date: 1/26/2010 6:18:38 PM