how to place section view

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Pls. send me to code to place   cutting plane & section view .

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Posted by: Hemant shinde
Post date: 11/11/2009 11:11:31 PM


Re: how to place section view

I too am looking for a way to draw a cutting plane in a drawing view and then place a section view from it. There are methods for adding auxiliary view and detail views but I could not find any method that would allow me to add a section view. Any help would be appreciated. Smiley Happy



Re: how to place section view

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I was monitoring the events occuring when starting the cutting plane command manually using SolidEdge Spy and it showed that the command ID 32922 (DetailCommandConstants.DetailDrawingViewsCuttingPlane) was being executed.


So I was wondering whether there is someway to implement the same command via code? I tried to call the same command using objApplication.Startcommand (Command ID)

But nothing happens. I have included the interop.SolidEdgeConstantsLib.dll & constants.tlb file which holds these constants as well. Anyone know how to use these Command constants in our programs?

Re: how to place section view worked.....objApplication.Startcommand (32922) starts the cutting plane command. Will explore further and let you know if I can draw the cutting plane & section view. Till then, make what you can of the information!!! Cheers Smiley Very Happy!!!