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how to "traverse from part to subassembly and subassembly to toplevel document""

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi to all, i am new to solidedge programming. can you please help me in this problem

My model document is like this



   |                                                    |-part1

   |                          |-subassembly-|-part2


    |                        |-part4

    |                                                    |-part5


   |                         |-part7




can you please give some ideas for this problem   " for my above example model i need traverse from Part1 to Subassm and  do some actions on subassembly ,and   then got to subassmembly to Inner-1assembly and do some actions.And then go to Inner-1assembly to Topassembly and do some actions"  


for this problem initially i selected the  Part1 by interactively,then i getting that occurrence object  referred to part1  through  selectionset, through that occurrence i getting the topleveldocument, it returns subaasembly document.after doing some actions on that document.i need to get the Inner-1assembly document object. 

in that level no method  like topleveldocument in the solidedgedocument or in the assemblydocument.

please reply to me how to i get the inner-1assembly document ?



Posted by: prasad k
Post date: 11/15/2011 6:12:32 PM