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how to set fit with tolerances


I am trying to create a small program that reads if someone wrote the tolerance class manually as a suffix and then convert it to class tolerance. So far i have managed to change the class, but i cant get the tolerance field to show.

In my code i use the folowing logic:

                        objDimension.DisplayType = 3
                        objDimension.PrimaryToleranceSymbol = objDimension.SuffixString
                        objDimension.SuffixString = ""

When i later try to see the tolerances i don't get anything. The thing is that with this code i set the class fit but not the hole/shaft fit. (see picture below)

So I get this:
Instead of this:


SE Spy also didnt help because when i select both diensions (the ok one and the bad one), they have the same properties (I did update SE Spy Smiley Happy ). My question now is how can i define hole and shaft fits via code, like the second picture?

Any ideas or sugestions?


Re: how to set fit with tolerances

To answer my own question, I had to set tolerance visibility to true, or something in that direction. Here is the code that worked for me, I don't know for sure if this is the right way to do this, but it worked for me:

                        objDimension.DisplayType = 3
                        objDimension.PrimaryToleranceSymbol = objDimension.SuffixString
                        objDimension.ShaftClassString = objDimension.SuffixString 'or .HoleClassString depending on what you want
                        objDimension.UseStandardLimitAndFitTolerance = True
                        objDimension.SuffixString = ""

Hope this helps someone in need.