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idea - closed


there is a possibility to write a macro which can fit a model in isometric view, when i push a close button ?


Re: idea - closed

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This can be accomplished with an addin. The SolidEdgeFramework.ISEApplicationEvents has a BeforeDocumentClose event that you can use to perform a fit and set the view you want. Samples for Solid Edge on CodePlex has example addins.


You can fit a 3D window by Application -> ActiveWindow -> View.Fit().

You can set the view by using Application.StartCommand(). Depending on the environment, you'll need to use a different enum. For example, if you're in the part environment you would use SolidEdgeConstants.PartCommandConstants.PartViewISOView. You can use the event monitor feature of Spy for Solid Edge to determine which constant is used in each environment.

Jason Newell
Solutions Architect