inter-part link is breaking after Assembly SaveAS

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I am using SE ST5 and using VBA for customization.


In the attached assembly (house.asm), I created a inter-part link with driving dimension  for the protrusion in the base.par and roof.par. with this it drives parametrically the roof:


After saveas of 'house.asm' to 'house1.asm'. the links are automatically broken.


Could you please help me to avoid this after SaveAs .





Re: inter-part link is breaking after Assembly SaveAS

Hi Pasi,

This is also what happens through the Solid Edge UI. The links are not being broken, it's simply that the links created in the base and roof parts remain defined within the context of house.asm. They don't 'migrate' to the house1 assembly when you perform the save as. If you need to carry the links through, then copies of each linked part will be required also. This is best achieved through the revision manager API.