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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Has anybody tried to solve the mystery of how to use 'isDocumentFOP'?


I don't understand return value. It is an integer. How do we interpret it? How do I use it and for what purpose.


Syntax and Example in the help file do not explain anything.


The description column in Document class members is blank.


I am lost.


Can anybody show me the way out.


Or is there any other way to find if a document is FOP member and find the 'master' and other members of the Family? I am using VB.


Thanks for any help.


Posted by: Sanjay Kulkarni
Post date: 3/21/2012 3:56:01 AM


Re: isDocumentFOP

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Sanjay,


the value returned to the parameter given by reference seems to be one of the DocFOPStatus Enumeration.

You are right - the Solid Edge API reference documentation and most of its examples are not as good as they could/should be Smiley Sad


Posted by: Wolfgang Kunert
Post date: 3/21/2012 2:29:51 PM