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material and material thickness properties

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Valued Contributor


hello i have another question : i'm making a VB code to extract iformation about the solidedge piece that is being bend.

First of all , i try to get info with this vb code:

i'm not putting the part  of the active document and solidedge application beacause it is not aimportant ( Set objApp = GetObject(, "SolidEdge.Application"))


   Dim objPropCollection As Object

    Dim objProps As Object

 ' Write out the information to a file.

    iFilePointer = FreeFile

    Open "C:\Temp\SEDump.jax" For Output As #iFilePointer

'Access the PropertySets collection object.

Set objPropCollection = objApp.ActiveDocument.Properties

For Each objProps In objPropCollection

Print #iFilePointer, "Printing Properties " & objProps.Name

'Iterate through each Property object in the

'Properties collection.

For p = 1 To objProps.Count

If objProps(p).Name = "Material Thickness" Then

thiickness = objProps(p).Value

End If

'Print #iFilePointer, " " & objProps(p).Name & "=" & objProps(p).Value

Next p



this code returns the properties of the file when it was created , for instance i had 1 mm in solidege i changed it after to 5 mm

but the information i get is still 1 mm , i get the same for all other informations in can estract with this , i'm specially interested in material thickness and material properties .I get the same problem if i change the material of the piece , for istance zinc .

if anyone could help it would be great in my other post 64 views and not even one answer.. at least tell me that i don't explain well if you prefer but i really need this for my job so any help as i said is extremely apreciated.

thank you


Posted by: rod cstr
Post date: 12/16/2008 8:31:48 PM


RE: material and material thickness properties

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor


You can pull the matrial thickness directly out of the Veriable table and then update the fileprop's from there by doing this. It's only a guide i have got some complete code if you want it (some where)


Set Variables = objDoc.Variables




MaterialThickness = Variables.Item("MaterialThickness").Value

PlateArea = Variables.Item("Plate_Area").Value




Posted by: Snow Mackenzie
Post date: 12/21/2008 6:16:14 PM