material and material thickness properties


hello i have another question : i'm making a VB code to extract iformation about the solidedge piece that is being bend.

First of all , i try to get info with this vb code:

i'm not putting the part  of the active document and solidedge application beacause it is not aimportant ( Set objApp = GetObject(, "SolidEdge.Application"))


   Dim objPropCollection As Object

    Dim objProps As Object

 ' Write out the information to a file.

    iFilePointer = FreeFile

    Open "C:\Temp\SEDump.jax" For Output As #iFilePointer

'Access the PropertySets collection object.

Set objPropCollection = objApp.ActiveDocument.Properties

For Each objProps In objPropCollection

Print #iFilePointer, "Printing Properties " & objProps.Name

'Iterate through each Property object in the

'Properties collection.

For p = 1 To objProps.Count

If objProps(p).Name = "Material Thickness" Then

thiickness = objProps(p).Value

End If

'Print #iFilePointer, " " & objProps(p).Name & "=" & objProps(p).Value

Next p



this code returns the properties of the file when it was created , for instance i had 1 mm in solidege i changed it after to 5 mm

but the information i get is still 1 mm , i get the same for all other informations in can estract with this , i'm specially interested in material thickness and material properties .I get the same problem if i change the material of the piece , for istance zinc .

if anyone could help it would be great in my other post 64 views and not even one answer.. at least tell me that i don't explain well if you prefer but i really need this for my job so any help as i said is extremely apreciated.

thank you


Posted by: rod cstr
Post date: 12/16/2008 8:31:48 PM


RE: material and material thickness properties


You can pull the matrial thickness directly out of the Veriable table and then update the fileprop's from there by doing this. It's only a guide i have got some complete code if you want it (some where)


Set Variables = objDoc.Variables




MaterialThickness = Variables.Item("MaterialThickness").Value

PlateArea = Variables.Item("Plate_Area").Value




Posted by: Snow Mackenzie
Post date: 12/21/2008 6:16:14 PM