model blank dimension


hey everyone!

I want to work a developer that I can get the blank dimension of active model.liking the photo1234.png123.png121.png

I can do a addin or a macro ,but I don't know how to use method, and what method shuold be uesed.

I ues the methord :

objBody.GetRange(MinRangePoint:=dblMinimum, MaxRangePoint:=dblMaximum)

objCircle.GetCircleData(CenterPoint:=dblBasePt, AxisVector:=dblAxisVect, Radius:=dblRad)

to get the max and min data.I want to get the min/max diameter,the max length.

But there are something wrong can't get.t

can you give me any advice,any ideas that what method should I use?

thank you very much.


Re: model blank dimension

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Did you get the minimum and maximum values from the range method?
As far as I know there is no function to get the max diameter.
In your 3rd example you have to know the axis to find circular edges to assume the maximum diameter. But the outer edges of a tooth of the gear could be something other than an arc...

VS2015, SE ST10

Re: model blank dimension

hi JB,
do mean use the method:
objBody.GetRange(MinRangePoint:=dblMinimum, MaxRangePoint:=dblMaximum)